The Hypno-Toad

This is a Ghost Bug Story, see this post to get the idea.

The Beginning.

You know how every computer has a certain personality ? Right, but do You know why ? Because, every time a program is first run it summons a creature into it. The exact nature depends on the source code, developers, moon position, all sorts of different attributes.

Four years ago, developer’s basement.

A developer, fighting the losing battle with sleep, sets to compile the latest version of the software. The project had been going of for weeks, a change in a remote control software. Nothing too critical, but everything had been acting up the whole time. First the debugger wouldn’t run, then the linker just froze. And now, at 3 am, he is finally ready, compiling the software for the last time.

Success. Everything compiles, links, builds. He downloads the software to the device and carries through some tests. With every button-press he feels more confident that it works perfectly. A warm feeling growing inside him, that he does need to test more.

What he does not realise, is that the creature spawned in the device is a hypnosis expert – small, greenish fiend. Feeding its will to whoever is operating the device, making them believe whatever it wants. Hiding it’s existence until he senses an innocent pray – a common user. Then it attacks with full strength, sneaking into user head to create obedient minion. And then sets off to conquer the world.

So the developer hands the device over to testers, who also fall victims to the Hypno-Toad’s illusions. The product goes live.

Present day, test laboratory.

An update was done to the remote, small enough not to challenge the creatures hold. After a long testing session, two testers are discussing what else to try.

I know,” says one, “let’s do what a typical user would do.”

“Yeah, right. Good one,” laughs the other and starts mockingly to push buttons. The Hypno-Toad, confusing the testers with his real pray, makes its move. Sending out its mesmerizing thought waves at maximum power it feels the hold on the poor tester growing. It won’t take long until his resistance breaks, it thinks, the tears are already forming in his eyes.

But its effort also jams the device electronics and thus the tester – having  a logging monitor open – notices the weird repeating pattern. His mind snaps back into action: “Hey – somethings wrong here !”

Together they quickly isolate the device and take it back to basement for examination, and eventually extermination of the creature.

A patch is quickly done, throughly tested and released. Hopefully they will get all of the remotes before one of the Hypno-Toad conquers the world…


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