Write stories, write as much as you can.

Have you ever wondered why some texts are harder to understand than others ?

A lot of times the problem is on the reader side. Starting from the ‘language barrier‘ to the ‘just-do-not-want-to-understand‘. But some of the blame is also on the writer side. Apart from the language skills and good formatting, there are also other issues.

When writing about something one knows very well it is easy to leave out small details, which confuse the readers. For example, think of the many ways a system can be rebooted – there is cold and hot restart and different ways to go about it. Did you know that certain network switch boxes have special unlabeled sockets ?

The problems usually comes from not thinking through ‘who is going to read it‘.

The other side of this problem is detailing too much. Have you ever read car’s owners manual ? There are other problems as well – cultural differences, etc.

What to do then ?


Write as much as you can. Try writing your bug stories as detective stories. Or better yet Ghost Stories. That way you can scare your ignorant project managers into believing that bugs are horrible creatures that only real testers can find. (And vanquish with the help of developers squad.) Plus, if they are impressed they will retell the stories and your reputation as all-mighty tester grows.

Like this one : The Hypno-Toad



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