Dice Challenge #1

Due to the popularity of the game, here is my own simple challenge:

You can ask for test results here in the comments, or in the twitter, or skype ( le_uba ).

Have fun 🙂

* correction, i first uploaded a wrong graphic file. Sorry, now it’s correct.


6 thoughts on “Dice Challenge #1

  1. Krist, What will be the answer to:
    [1][1]= 11
    [1][2]= 12
    [2][1]= 21
    And while we’re at it, the answer to:

    (I mean, instead of numbers let’s make believe these where actual dice)

    – See my answers in bold.

  2. I see now some problems that I had when I didn’t specify the mission for my old puzzles. What is the mission here?
    I can probably assume its something like:
    “Can you predict the result for any situation?”

    • Hi Eusebiu,

      Yes, that is the mission. It’s called the “Dice Game”, and is usually played face-to-face, at least the first rounds, as a testing exercise. If you have not done that i suggest find someone with webcam or from your local area who has played it.

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