Complicated version of Chess

Tired of the same old Chess game ?

Try it with new strategic twist. Rather than setting the board the usual way start the game by taking turns for putting the pieces on the board one-by-one.  Then,  when the board is set, continue the game as usual.

Only rule is that the King cannot be placed into check.

Remark 1: Pawns cannot be promoted in this version. ( Or only pawns that start from their home can be promoted, but that could be very tedious to track.)

Remark 2: Castling is allowed , as long as the rules are satisfied ( first move for both, no check, etc).

Remark 3: ‘En Passant’ is allowed , as long as the rules are satisfied ( first move ).

Remark 4: In the case, if there is no legal way to place the king on the board, the player who cannot place his king loses.

This poses a series of questions:

*) When to place your King ? First – so you can build your defence around him, or Last – so you could place him in secure spot ( although, last seems the best option usually).

*) How to place the Pawns – attacking or defensively ? (remember that the white player starts the game once the board is set. So he can make the first capture. But the black puts the last game-piece, thus possibly upsetting the whole setup.)

*) How to place the Queen ?

*) How to build the safe spot for the king if the other side can easily disrupt it ?

*) Concentrate on disrupting the other player setup or build your own defenses ?

*) etc…

Example of the beginning.

Decide who is going to play with whites, who with black.

White goes first : Setting the pawn in the E2.

Black goes second: Setting one pawn to the F3.  ( Remember, white’s home is at numbers 1-2, thus black pawns will attack that side. ) – This puts the white pawn some danger.

White goes again: Setting the Rook in F2. ( Countering for the Pawn)

And so on and so forth.


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