Boundary Testing Exercise

You are a tester in a company. A project manager says to you:
“Could you please do some boundary testing on our small web-app for note taking and sharing.
  • Please note the Requirement #22: “The “Long Description” field of each note is to take up to 500 bytes of text.

The program is here:

You probably have to create new room first, as the password for others have been lost (or are used by other testers).  Happy hunting !

( Note 1: As this is commercial server I must ask You to be careful when doing security attacks.)

Note 2:  I’m running this exercise in public as well – if you want to attend then don’t read spoilers (or do much testing).


4 thoughts on “Boundary Testing Exercise

    • Thank you 🙂

      I’d just like to add that he found other problems as well, that were not dircetly visible to be related to the requirement. (He mentioned them via skype.)

      Good find with the ‘allchars’ – I did not know about that.

  1. Great exercise!
    I’ve got 6 probable issues already 🙂

    Here is a question of ambiguity though:
    “Requirement #22: The “Long Description” field of each note is to take up to 500 bytes of text.”

    So it is supposed to “take” 500 bytes. Is it also supposed to store all of them :D?
    The requirement does not specify any action beyond the program being capable of “taking” them.

    • Hi

      Ambiguity is intentional 🙂

      And since you asked : the requirement is :
      The program must limit the ‘long description’ field to 500 characters of text. Taking as an input and storing the value and displaying the value.

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