Smoke and mirrors

The Jedi mind trick

Do you know why there are mirrors in the room where dancers practise ?

Do you know why pianists record themselves while learning ?

Do you know why athletes go to competitions before major events ?

Because they need feedback that is not clouded by their mind.  Everyone has an image in their heads how they are doing something. It is the perfect Jedi mind trick that we play on ourselves. The image is an illusion, which needs to be crushed by the reality.

It is the same thing why we do not notice our grammar mistakes.

What about testing  ?

Well, it is hard to analyze your testing in the real life, as the situations are constantly changing and there are no clear answers. You might have been on a testing conference or a course and gained some good ideas. You might even think about them for a while and figure – yes, I will use them in my work. Or – that’s so easy, that’s what I always do. But unless tried, you do not actually know if you use it. Or if you use it correctly.

The only way to get clear feedback is to use exercises to sharpen the skills. Preferably by doing exercises with someone who can coach you.

That is why RST courses are so good – they involve exercises that put pressure on you. They take you out of your comfort zone and actually force you to do things you think you can do. And James Bach (or Micheal Bolton) will comment on the things you ‘do’ and ‘do very well’.
So take up challenges and practise if you want to get better at testing.


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