PEST1 has ended. Or has it?

This is a collection of first impressions of the PEST1 (Peers of Estonian Software Testers).

I’m amazed how well it turned out. Lots of good ideas and excellent people. I must admit I thought it might not work as well as did, but I’m so glad i was proven wrong. Good work Estonian testers, be proud.

I’ll post about some ideas and topics in the future, as they ranged from test automation to ethics, visiting developer-relations and self-motivation in between.

The conference itself has been concluded, but the community that has started will go on. There are already plans for several testing events and non-testing events. I hope I have time to participate in all of them. (And organize a few as well.)

And big thanks to James Bach for helping us get started and sharing some of his ‘worst’ moments with us as well.


2 thoughts on “PEST1 has ended. Or has it?

  1. I agree with you. This was really good event – every presentation gave something to think about. James is showing very good example by helping to execute such events and as much I know for free … experience exchange is very important part of competence development – it kicks all of us try out new things and analyze them afterwards. As much I heard you and Oliver are the main “guilty ones” for that event. Thank you! btw – there is some word missing in sentence “I hope I time to …” 😉

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