Bugg in the office

Our "Bugg"

Couple of weeks ago we installed a glass box in the office. Inside there is a New Guinea Spiny Stick Insect, called “Bugg”. He is a lovely follow, as a nocturnal creature, he is very still during the day. We have a informational information posted on the wall next to it, so everyone can learn about it.

What most amazed me, is that since then a lot of people been in the test department and only few of them noticed our pet. Or the information on the wall. It is in the center of the room and not too small. Some have commented on the text, and then shrugged and left. Some, who did notice the box, looked in, mumbled something about it being empty, and left.

Until now, I did not really believe inattentional blindness being this big of a problem. It seems that people disregard the unusual in our office without much thought, as it is not connected to the reason why they are there. It has nothing to do with work so they do not pay attention. Understandable and sometimes unavoidable.

Now I remind myself to look at more things whilst testing, to defocus just for a second to see if I have not missed anything important. (Like a Bugg on my neck).

Image from http://cropandsoil.oregonstate.edu/bugzoo/collection


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