Exercise: MASH200 Analysis


You are a tester helping the MASH200 developers. Analyze the specification (below) for the feature “microphone” and describe how would you test it.
I’m looking for:
* Model of the software (components)
* Basic use cases
* Major risk areas
* Test ideas
* Questions of what you need to know in order to test this
* Anything else you think is relevant.


MASH200 – “Massive Audio System Head-unit 200” that supports 8 wireless channels in addition to 8 physical speaker-links and plays everything from analog FM to Apple Airplay.

MASH200 Feature: “Microphone”

A new measurement system is to be introduced in MASH200. The system will be based on an external wired microphone connected directly to the application software. The system will be able to measure distance to the individual speakers, and the compensation gain needed. The microphone input will have sense so it can be detected that a microphone has been inserted, and an pop-up message can be shown to the user.

The application software will be able to make a measurement and calculate speaker distance and level for a specific output at a time. It will be the responsibility of the SoundMagic to make the correct sequence to ensure that all speakers are measured correctly.

To be able to widen the listening area it should be possible to make several measurements in different locations. Using all these measurements to calculate the final speaker distance and level, is
the responsibility of the SoundMagic.

The UI will handle the initiation of the measurements based on the microphone sense and user input. If it is not possible to complete the measurement due to missing signal, or excessive background noise, the UI will be informed and will have to prompt the user accordingly.


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