PEST4 – Hard Problems in Testing that Aren’t About People

Estonian 4th Context-driven Testers Peer Conference

Date: 12-13 October 2013
Theme: “Hard Problems in Testing that Aren’t About People”
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

tl&dr: Let’s solve hard ‘technical’ testing problems together. Bring it on.

Long description:
Let’s discuss ways of testing – the good the bad and the ugly truth. And investigate testing problems that need solution, how to solve them in given context and what would be good ways to deal with them in general.

We’ll be dealing with more technical aspects of testing – combinatorial testing problems, testing a product through a limited interface, analyzing a complex product, designing a complicated oracle, etc.

Even though social aspects of testing are also interesting (and important), they are out of scope for now.

Call For Papers:

Every attendee must present either (or both):
a) Way of testing X – Give context to X, and show how you did it and why.
Example, “How I analyzed 1000-page specification in 2 days”
b) Describe a real testing problem – for which you don’t have a good answer for. Give context and show what you have done and why you are not happy.
Example, “How to test for memory leaks without Valgrind (or similar tools)”.

1) X must not be whole product or project. It should be a small part of the whole activity. You must be able to explain it in about 15 minutes.
2) Real testing problem should not require extensive domain knowledge to comprehend – otherwise the discussion would be too short or too long.
3) As always, everything must be from your experience – not some abstract idea/rumor.
4) Consider the confidentiality of your stories – you are free to change some small details/names as longs as it still makes sense.
5) You can submit more than one “a” or “b”.

Submission deadline: 18th Of August 4th of September
Send your submissions to: info(at)

For more information find me on skype(ID: kristjan.uba), tweet(@kristjanuba)  or leave a comment here.


2 thoughts on “PEST4 – Hard Problems in Testing that Aren’t About People

  1. Interesting event, I’m seriously considering to submit. I think all problems in testing are people problems though. The information that testing is supposed to provide is subject to the relative rule, and it’s a relation that has people involved to get the information of what matters.

    I’m reading the idea of your theme as “let’s talk about _testing_, not the things that make it more difficult”. Talk about experiences of how you tested in a certain context, not finding out what the context was so much or how we’d rather have some things changed to make life easier. Would this interpretation sound like things you had in mind?

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