PEST3 – How to talk about testing?

Found some notes from PEST3, I’ll leave them here without more comments, might be helpful for someone.

Whenever talking about testing topic:

  • Add “What happens if you don’t do this”.
  • Add “why something doesn’t work, instead of just dismissing that.”
  • Craft exercises that help to reinforce the point with practical application to help  with “applying the skill”
  • Be clear and concrete. Even if you know that what you just said is not always true
    1. Deal with the questions (which is good, ergo someone in the audience is thinking) by agreeing that “very good, in that case you are right. Can you think of any other situations for that?”
    2. Otherwise you get will be confusing, by giving too much information.
  • There are 2 major ways of approaching teaching:
    1.  “Theory” first then exercise, exercise first then “theory”
    2. Basically, do whatever feel is more useful, both are good.
  • Always have a summary of what was said (that ties the story/example/lecture to testing skills).

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