PEST3 – Teaching to students

More notes from PEST3, for your pleasure.

People don’t go and practice what you taught the next day and then they forget 80+ %.
– If you only talk.

Best is to have narrow scope (to have less to remmeber) + practical examples.

Peer evaluation is very very good thing.
– Whatever the quality of thing – give 3 of good and 3 of “to improve”  That gives good feedback in the end. This helps to reinforce the knowledge they have seen/heard/experience

For me it means that they also see how others understood the same story and can compare and learn for themselves as well. Specially if its backed up with reasonable comments.

As a lecturer be prepared for questions – if you do you get much better at the area and in the end teaching it as well.

Use very real life exercises, practical

Regarding “exam” questions:
– Tell them to give me the answer according course materials but feel free to  write in the answer that you don’t agree with it.  And argument it.

How do you answer the question when a student asks “how do I use oracles in real life?” ?
– write oracles in bug reports


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