PEST3 – talking testing to management

PEST3 Notes.

  • Be clear when asking for different way of testing. What do you really want and what the impact is.
  • Don’t lie or be too fluffy.
  • Practical results speak more about their work then the explanations
  • Patience and less sarcasm works (specially when they don’t get it, don’t be bitter)
    • Say “No” fiercely to save time to start dialog.
    • You can be direct instead of ‘nice’, but being “bad/bully” for no good reason then that does not help cooperation too. There is fine line between “Firm” bad and “Firm” good.
  • Be concious about the tone of your voice specially when you don’t agree with what’s being said.
  • Don’t fight in front of the group with just one person
    • Call him/her later and discuss it then. All is easier.