PEST3 – About session debriefing

More PEST3 notes, this time about debriefing in session-based test management.

For working with novice testers, it is a way of coaching. Few ideas what to do:

  • Check if report is formatted and written in usable / readable way and there is balance between what is said during debriefing & what is written
  • Question every sentence
    • why is it written down
    • why is this relevant
  • Look for what is not written as people omit “common sense” things
  • Find out what was actually tested
    • how tested, what data used, etc
    • what way the tester thought about the testing
  • Give out own ideas about the test area
    • special domain knowledge
    • background
    • test ideas how to think about

With experienced testers, it more of a information sharing/peer review:

  • About the product/feature/etc
  • About the (possible) problems, tiny details, etc
  • “Remarks section” analysis and questioning is very useful
  • How other people test, their insight and ideas are fascinating

Pro tip on how much to write in session report:

Write as much you need that after 2 weeks (or months) you could clearly remember (by reading your own report) what was tested & why it was tester.