PEST4 – short conclusion

I know it’s a bit late.

It is very difficult to give good summary from a 2 day discussion full of details and questions. Most topics were very specific to each area but that was exactly what I was looking for when coming up with the topic. The discussions and suggestions seemed to be helpful and it was nice to see many of the “oh, I had not thought of that” moments. And even better was that fact that people had already thought through their problem and it was difficult to suggest anything which had not already been tried.

That said, the problems surrounding the technical issues were still quite similar for most presenters. All of which could have helped in sorting out the testing issues as well. The conclusion, I think, is that no matter where you are working or what kind of technical problem you have – most problems can still be helped a lot by talking and listening to other people. Being respectful and doing your homework. And being able to show (or visualize) your work.