PEST5 Workshop – Hands-on testing

This is one of the assignments used in PEST5. If you plan to use it, you probably need to buy a BeoPlay A2 product first.


Tester – Testers who have not seen the product before.


There is a new software version in internal testing, Project manger asks the testers to look into 2 major concerns:

  1. Issue reported from the market that “Sometimes no sound when switching between Bluetooth and Line-In, turning product on-off sometimes. No good reports have come in, this is general ‘feedback’. Otherwise good product.
  2. We updated the power On-Off button handling a bit, due to known issue, that sometimes it does not react to quick key-presses.
Please investigate these so we would know what to do in next iteration. We don’t need a full blown investigation and details, but enough to understand what is going on from your point of view. You are on your own as developers are out of reach – offsite company, in Bangladesh, in different time-zone, etc.Make a small report for the Project manager on what you make of these issues, and why.
ProductBeoPlay A2
Disclaimer: Although the product is real the 2 issues mentioned in the assignment are entirely fictional, any correlations with real life are coincidental.

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