PEST 6 – Gaining consciousness

Peers of Estonian Software Testing (PEST): Peer Conference #6

Theme: “Gaining consciousness”

When: December 3 , 2016 (Saturday)

Location: Tartu, Estonia


Testers take hundreds of decisions every day, but most of them go unnoticed by themselves. Shadowed by intuition, clouded by experience, we think we know what we are doing and why. But a big part of learning is done through analyzing and understanding one’s actions, not to mention the possible mistakes that can have a huge impact on the work we are doing.

This PEST looks into how to be conscious about the work you are doing. Do you really use the testing methods you think you use? Do you actually ‘stop and analyze’ in time of crisis? What are the mnemonics or other “tools” you use to remind yourself to cover all of the aspects of the problem, and how do you use them? What has happened when you don’t use them?

We are looking for stories around these topics.

Send your abstracts to by September 30, 2016.


Your friendly organizers,

Kristjan Uba, @kristjanuba

Helena Jeret-Mäe, @HelenaJ_M

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